xiaomi earbuds 2 basic
Rs: 4,999 Rs: 2,999
You Save: Rs: 2,000

Apple Airpod Pro with Wireless Charging Case
Rs: 35,999 Rs: 35,500
You Save: Rs: 499

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
Rs: 20,000 Rs: 15,500
You Save: Rs: 4,500

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
Rs: 15,000 Rs: 13,999
You Save: Rs: 1,001

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
Rs: 29,999 Rs: 24,500
You Save: Rs: 5,499

One Plus Buds Z
Rs: 15,999 Rs: 8,500
You Save: Rs: 7,499

Power Beats Pro - wireless Earphones
Rs: 28,999 Rs: 27,999
You Save: Rs: 1,000

Tronsmart Onyx Free True Wireless Black
Rs: 7,000 Rs: 6,850
You Save: Rs: 150

Baesus WM01 True Wireless Earphones
Rs: 3,600 Rs: 3,240
You Save: Rs: 360

Baseus Encok Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphone A02
Rs: 1,750 Rs: 1,600
You Save: Rs: 150

Baseus W05 TWS Bluetooth Headphones Wireless 5.0
Rs: 7,000 Rs: 6,500
You Save: Rs: 500

Tronsmart Apollo Bold True Wireless
Rs: 17,499 Rs: 16,999
You Save: Rs: 500

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