• Samsung S21 Ultra Review by Airkart

    Samsung S21 Ultra Review by Airkart
    Have you heard of the buzz regarding S21 Ultra? People sure are quite inclined towards it, how about we dissect it a little and find out what makes it all so special. Let’s start with the camera which sure is packed with a very interesting feature called the directors view. It provides a thorough experience to capture videos on your phone, you can control...
  • Here's how you can get lost, stolen cellphone blocked

    Here's how you can get lost, stolen cellphone blocked
    You can now get your lost, stolen cellphone blocked! Want to find out how? Keep reading.   Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has updated with an inclusion of providing us the opportunity to block our lost or stolen phones right away and it enables us to get rid of a great amount of hassle. If your phone has been lost, stolen, snatched, all you need to...
  • The takeover of smartphones

    The takeover of smartphones
    Smartphones are becoming indispensable with each passing minute! It has an involvement in everything that we do, whether it’s a simple day to day task, work or even health related dilemmas. Life without smartphones seems impossible. The most integral quality which make smartphones so essential in our everyday lives is the fact that how it enhances our productivity. It enables us to tackle our...
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