Airkart provides the complete and exclusive range of OnePlus smartphones. All our OnePlus smartphones are PTA approved and provide with one-year brand warranty. Airkart offers the premium experience of a free on-door delivery availability within 24-hour.

One Plus 8T (8GB+128GB)
Rs: 140,000 Rs: 130,000
You Save: Rs: 10,000
Sold Out
Nord N100
Rs: 34,300
Sold Out
Oneplus 7 Pro
Rs: 112,999
Sold Out
One Plus Nord
Rs: 87,400
Sold Out
Oneplus 7T Pro
Rs: 121,999
Sold Out
Oneplus 7T
Rs: 89,999
Sold Out
Oneplus 7
Rs: 73,999
Sold Out
Oneplus 8Pro
Rs: 190,000
Sold Out
Nord N10
Rs: 60,500

Oneplus 6T
Rs: 69,999

Oneplus 6
Rs: 78,000

OnePlus is a emerging Chinese brand launched in 2013. It communicates the ‘Never Settle’ tagline for its buyers and claims to provide a high-end rich experience with ‘no trade-offs’. OnePlus has built a strong brand presence with its ultra-features and consistent high-end performance. The brand is receiving a positive word of mouth attribution and developing a user-base in highly saturated mobile industry. The company believes in continuous improvement strategy and launching new smartphones with new innovative features and exceptional user-experience.

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