Here's how you can get lost, stolen cellphone blocked

You can now get your lost, stolen cellphone blocked! Want to find out how? Keep reading.


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has updated with an inclusion of providing us the opportunity to block our lost or stolen phones right away and it enables us to get rid of a great amount of hassle.

If your phone has been lost, stolen, snatched, all you need to do is follow these steps:

- File a request to PTA with the all new and latest Lost and Stolen Device System.
This particular system in consolidated with the Device Identification Registration, and Blocking System (DIRBS).
- Once you request  PTA through its online Complaint Management System at their website (
-They will be asking you for verification of the stolen phone and optimize the link that you have with it.
- If your registration is successful, you will be getting a reference number for your complaint.

- Once they’ve verified the data which you’ll be providing them with, then later within 24 hours of reporting, the stolen, snatched or lost smartphone will be blocked.


This surely will save the misuse of  the data within your phone!

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