Samsung S21 Ultra Review by Airkart

Have you heard of the buzz regarding S21 Ultra?
People sure are quite inclined towards it, how about we dissect it a little and find out what makes it all so special.
Let’s start with the camera which sure is packed with a very interesting feature called the directors view.
It provides a thorough experience to capture videos on your phone, you can control your shots like a pro and record a scene with various angles. It also allows to record with the front and rear camera simultaneously, so you can film a scenery while capturing your own reaction to it, isn’t that exciting?  You can capture moments while using split screen.
This will surely give us way more freedom while filming videos.

Furthermore, S21 ultra has a 108-mega pixel standard wide lens, an ultra-wide lens, 3x optical zoom and a 10x optical zoom which therefore enables you to take digitally zoomed images up to a 30x and 100x level. Seems like you won’t be missing out on intricate details while you’re capturing photographs with this particular phone.
It consists of  the brightest display with the most granular adaptive refresh rate.

Samsung has also introduced S21 Ultra to be the first Galaxy phone to feature S Pen Support.
S Pen stylus has been a staple of Samsung’s Galaxy Note for decades, but this is the first time they have implemented Galaxy S-series with the same feature.
As for the things you can do with this stylus pen includes drawing, note-taking, photo editing and signing documents.

The lock screen now also has a wellbeing widget which lets you track time spent on the phone at a glance. It has a massive 5000mah battery as well and comes with fast charging capabilities.

So overall it’s something which brings the best of everything, starting with daily use, performance based use, camera quality, battery and an extremely attractive display.
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